3D Images

Whether architectural or not, the 3D image allows you to enhance your project by giving it an early reality, to sublimate it by telling a story. To translate the architect’s intention to the nearest pixel, a process of listening, choice and successive validations is necessary.


The progressive construction of a 3D image obeys a rigorous approach: 3d modeling, framing, textures, setting the mood, lighting, characters, 3d calculation …

Persevoir gives particular importance to three steps: the meeting, the framing, the setting in atmosphere and in light. Much more aesthetic than technical, they require a certain sensitivity, experience in customer relations and graphic and artistic know-how.


THE MEETING: each architectural firm or architect has its own way of working, and Persevoir’s duty is to take this into account in order to move forward quickly and well. Some model, others draw, others are inspired or translate their ideas on a simple lunch table mat…. Studio Persevoir adapts to all means of communicating your project.

In our exchanges, we also integrate all the variables of an architectural competition, which leaves little time for architects to prepare the documents necessary to produce quality 3D images.

Listening to your requirements as well as your preferences, we have to understand and anticipate your choices, for example between an original morning lighting or a more expected and freeze-dried image, to optimize your chances of winning the tender in which you participate… in which we participate with you!


FRAMING is a fundamental phase. It is similar to the work of a photographer on the focal length, the depth of field, the exposure…

The choices made on the point of view will allow to have a first reading of the project and to contextualize it in its environment (urban, rural, landscaped, panoramic …).

The framing expresses the viewer’s gaze: depending on the options chosen, we do not tell the same story. It can be more or less dynamic and more or less relevant, explaining, for example, the flows or functions of a building.

IMPLEMENTATION & LIGHTING: these two points are decisive in giving the project its true personality.

A mixed sky, cloudy or stormy, morning or evening light, hot, cold, soft or against the light… we use a real range of artistic choices to give your image its own identity.

From North to South and from East to West, there are so many atmospheres, seasons and possible suns that we love to work, a bit like a painter who tests and retests the shades of a color on his palette, around this sensitivity to affirm the personality of your project in its context.

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