3D movies

Made for large scale projects, 3d animation is similar to a music video, generally not exceeding 2 to 3 minutes in length. As clear and precise as it is enjoyable to watch, this “synthesis” built frame by frame enhances your work in its entirety, from all possible and imaginable angles.

By definition, a movie is much more expressive than an image. As it comes to life, it no longer simply addresses the viewer’s eye: it invites the viewer to take a subjective walk through the project to discover, as he or she visits it, all the facets that make it up.

Particularly realistic, this communication tool is highly valued by architects, municipalities, metropolises, urban planners and real estate developers to “transport” citizens into a future neighbourhood transformation, a new Arena or their next place of residence.

As with the 3D image, the 3D movie obeys an implacable process: storyboard, 3d modeling, kinematics, textures, setting the atmosphere, lighting, calculation of witness images, film production, post-production, editing and sound.

Persevoir pays particular attention to two phases:

  • Scriptwriting (setting up a storyboard): In cinema as in the corporate world, no good movie without a good script! First of all, the client – very often an architect – tells us about his project, with his words, his vision and his own way of transposing himself into the future. From this narration, listened to and scrutinized in the smallest details, we determine the key points of the project, which will become strong and decisive points thanks to the animation,

  • Kinematics: the project goes into “preview” mode with the installation of animated cameras, editing and sound corresponding to the storyboard envisaged. The rhythm appears, the “film” scrolls by and the storyboard is refined as you watch it. It’s a sort of “blank montage” of the movie, and the first viewing proposed to the client. Then follows the same setting and lighting as for a 3D image.

3d animation movie – Kinematics of the competition project of the Departmental Archives of Loiret in Orleans – Final offer

Unlike the 3D image, the 3D movie is a teamwork. More ambitious and more complex, it requires different skills: 3d modeling, textures, lights… but also animation of cameras, vehicles, characters, motion design, editing, sound mixing, special effects.

Not to mention the imperative mastery of several specific softwares and the use of a much more powerful hardware in terms of calculation!

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