A project realized in collaboration with Gaëtan le Penhuel Architects, Kaufman & Broad & TN PLUS.

For this project, the Persevoir studio was asked to create 3D images from aerial photos taken by a drone.

The objective was to enhance the historical site and its immediate environment. To achieve this, the project’s stakeholders chose to preserve and rehabilitate certain historic buildings, and to build new ones that would fit into the historic context of the site. 

A real work has also been done on the vegetation of the site, which has also been preserved. We can thus admire several types of landscapes: a shared park, wetlands, plots with fruit trees, private gardens, garden thresholds, playgrounds… with a variety of species, strata, and heights of vegetation.

We then developed a virtual tour in order to better convey the idea around the project, better visualize the space and project oneself into it, and highlight the work of the landscape. 

(non-winning competition)

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