Project realized in collaboration with the architectural agency Atelier Bettinger Desplanques

3D images of the construction project of Le Havre‘s Social Center.

Wishing to improve the living environment of its inhabitants, the city of Le Havre decided, in co-elaboration with the citizens of the Danton district, in full urban development, of an ambitious requalification plan to make it an attractive pole of activities. 

Located near the Espace Simone Veil, designed by the K-Architecture agency, in the heart of the historic center, the Danton district has been undergoing a dynamic renewal since the demolition of the former prison in 2012. 

For our team, the stakes of this project were numerous since it was necessary to stage the Social Pole around 3 axes: the light, the treatment of the polycarbonate and the urban context in order to provide an image composition up to the expectations and needs of the architectural agency. 

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